Wineries Tour

Activities - Wineries Tour

Enjoy a full day on the Wine Road of Mendoza. Visit wineries that make excellent wines. Have an unforgettable lunch at a winery restaurant while the private guide shares all his experience in the captivating world of wine.

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Adventure Tourism

Activities - Adventure Tourism

We are proud to have the most qualified professionals to do these outdoors activities, such as rafting, canopy, kayaking, horseback riding, trekking, paragliding, etc.

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Thermal Waters Centre

Activities - Thermal Waters Centre

In Mendoza, in the middle of the Andes Mountain Range and by Mendoza River you will find CACHEUTA thermal waters which blends itself with the landscape.

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Excursions to the High Mountains, Atuel River Canyon, Villavicencio

Activities - High Mountains

The trip to the mountains is a must when you visit this region. The constant presence of the high peaks in the horizon acts as a magnet that invites the traveller to enter a world of giants. You will discover little by little a great variety of landscapes: Mendoza River, the flat land where Mendoza city lies, the valleys between the mountains, the lower peaks of the old mountain range until you reach the highest peaks of the entire Andes Range.

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Cooking Classes

Activities - Cooking Classes

Delicious regional recipes and techniques to prepare traditional dishes or reinvented in gourmet creations, are part of this proposal that will assure you to live experiences full of aromas and tastes assuming a leading role in the kitchen or a winery.

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Wine Tasting

Activities - Wine Tasting

Guided by our Sommelier you will be able to taste delicious wines. You will be able to distinguish and recognize all the qualities and defects of a wine following a precise technique and vocabulary to enlarge the pleasure of drinking.

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Activities - Sports

If you so desire we can coordinate private tennis classes, Gym, Squash, Swimming, Pilates or Indoor Cycling.

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